Are You Stalled??

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Life has ups and downs – we can agree on that, right?

It’s the roller coaster of life, and it’s a beautiful ride — even with the dips.  One thing is for sure — those dips will happen to each one of us.  We can’t escape them, but we can prepare ourselves for them.

What is your initial reaction when you’re heading into a tough time?  Do you call on your closest friends and rally support for yourself, or do you tend to close up and handle it alone?

No matter what your natural reaction is, being aware of what you do when triggered is a significant piece of the puzzle.  If your tendencies are less than healthy, brainstorm what you can replace your unhealthy reactions with that can help move you forward in a healthy way.

I am an emotional eater.  When things get stressful or I get bored, I eat.  Now over the last year this has changed drastically as I am using mindfulness and meditation to help control this.

And sometimes, in between the highs and lows, we can feel completely stuck on the tracks.  Have you ever felt like you were in a lull, where you weren’t moving forward or backward?  That’s completely normal, too.  If you had to name something right now, what would you say helps end your lull, and puts you back on track?  I’d love to hear, drop it in a comment below!


What Does Your Home Say About You?

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What does your space say about you?

Your home.  Your bedroom.  Your sacred space.

What does it tell others without you saying a word?

Have you ever considered that the state of your home could speak such things?

For example:  If you walk into someone’s home and notice the dishes are overflowing in the sink, the floor hasn’t been swept in weeks, and the laundry is thrown in disarray all over the room, but there’s a well-worn spot on the couch that looks like just their size… you can pick up on quite a bit from this scenario, can’t you?

Having moved from a 2800 sq foot home to a 1000 sq foot home has caused me happiness and anxiety.  I love that there is less to clean and the upkeep is so much easier.  My anxiety comes from everything feeling cluttered.  I am working on purging for the 3rd time in almost a year, but I know this will help decrease my anxiety.

The state of our living space has so, so much to do with our health — physically and mentally.  Does your space need some tweaking to portray what you want it to portray?  Or does your living space say exactly what you want it to already?

The new year is here.

Is your living space set up for you to live a healthy life?

If not, what can you do this week to head in that direction?


What’s In Your Cup?

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What do you drink in the mornings?

I know coffee is a fan favorite, but have you considered other warm, comforting drinks in the morning before you have your coffee (or in place of it altogether)?

I always start my morning with a protein drink.  Not being a big breakfast eater, this assures I am getting 30 grams of protein to start the day.  Then, I have a sugar-free chai tea latte with nonfat milk!

I’d like to suggest an experiment for you to try, if you are willing.  Before you have your usual morning drink, whatever that may be, try this for the next week.

Boil fresh water and add the juice of a lemon to it.  You may also, for added benefit, put a dash of apple cider vinegar in your cup.  If needed, sweeten with a small amount of raw honey.

Enjoy a cup of this before your coffee, tea, or drink of choice.  You’ll see a difference within a few days, but I can’t wait to see how you feel after a week!  Be sure to come back and let me know how it went for you.


Put Food On Your Face

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I know you were inevitably told not to play with your food, but have you ever put food on your face?

Really, there are so many items in your kitchen that are astonishingly great for your skin.  Not only are there an array of items you can put on your skin for radiant, healthy skin — it’s also important what you’re putting in your body.

Eating nutrient dense, high-quality food can be just as powerful as that expensive night cream, and luckily, the healthy foods have more benefit than just your beautiful skin.  The food you consume is imperative to the growth of healthy skin cells, leaving you with the healthy glow you are craving.

Some of my favorite foods to use on my skin are:

– Avocado.  Simply mashing up an avocado and spreading it on my face does absolute wonders.

– Banana.  Mixing a half of a banana with the avocado, and sprinkling in some olive oil is my favorite face mask I’ve ever used.  It feels incredible.

– Cucumber.  Cucumber slices on your eyes to decrease puffiness, it really works!

– Lemons.  Another miracle trick.  Soaking a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and rubbing your face with it — you’ve got to try it! (Just keep it away from your eyes!!)

Hydration is another critical factor in clear, radiant skin.  Be sure you are getting enough water each day.