Adding Mindfulness Into Your Routine

To practice mindfulness you have to work on re-framing your thoughts.  For example, when you are trying to work on meditation or breathing techniques, you may find that your mind wanders.  So instead of thinking ” Whenever I mediate my mind wanders” think, “It’s OK that my mind wanders.  I will just acknowledge those stray thoughts and bring my mind back to now.”

You can’t ignore the thoughts, but instead, revise them.  Usually we find that when we are stressed or have anxiety, our bodies reflect that negativity.  So revising will allow not only your mind to relax, but also your body. Think about what is going well right now and focus on the good. Tomorrow we will walk through one of many ways to add mindful breathing.  Through mindful breathing and re-framing your thoughts, you will have a great start to adding mindfulness into your daily routine.


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