These Five Common Mistakes are Messing Up Your Skin


Skin feeling a little messed up lately? You’re probably doing one or more of five common mistakes that lead to breakouts or dry, irritated skin. Good news—they’re really easy to fix.

  1. Not Washing Your Cell Phone

You take your phone everywhere…yes, EVERYWHERE…and you’re constantly touching it to your face, holding it in your hands and setting it down on different surfaces. That means it’s a breeding ground for pathogenic (read: dangerous) bacteria that will harm not only harm your complexion and they’ll also make you sick.

Fix it: Use cell phone disinfecting wipes daily and clean the surface of your phone to prevent the spread of gross bacteria.

2. Hot Showers

Waking up or ending the day with a long, hot shower can feel relaxing, but it’s sucking the moisture from your skin. Just like the dry, desert air pulls moisture from your skin, extreme temps in the shower do the same. This simple action disrupts your skin’s natural balance, often leaving thirsty, ashy skin behind.

Fix it: Turn the shower handle back just a little bit and keep it cooler. Your skin will thank you!

3. Harsh Cleansers & Exfoliators

You wouldn’t take out window cleaner or bleach to scrub down your skin to feel “clean,” so why would you reach for chemical-based cleansers and exfoliators to do it? What you put on your skin goes into your skin—and you better believe it’s drying it out.

Fix it: Flip over that bottle of body wash and educate yourself about its ingredients. If you notice words like “phthalate” or “paraben,” it’s likely filled with risky chemicals that do more than just dry out your skin. Reach for gentle cleansers with natural ingredients.

4. Combining Multiple Products

Just like an experiment in science class, combining ingredients from different products can have surprising effects on your skin. Layering multiple active ingredients together can irritate your skin and cause breakouts, over drying and more.

Fix it: Stick with a consistent product line developed by the same company. Products are usually created to work together harmoniously and ensure you don’t experience adverse skin reactions. Be sure to educate yourself on the purity and efficacy of the skincare line.

5. Using the Same Wash Cloth

It may be convenient to reach for the same terrycloth every night for a week, but you’re depositing bacteria, dirt and makeup there every time. Translation: You’re wiping more bacteria onto your face as the week progresses.

Fix it: Toss that cloth in the wash and replace it each night. To remind yourself of how icky those cloths can get, consider using a white terry cloth. White doesn’t hide anything so it’ll serve as a daily reminder.

The moral of the story is this: Clean up these five common mistakes and you’re on your way to happier, healthier skin in no time!


Brought to you by Simply Beautiful ~ A Willing Beauty Team

Mandy Gaskill, Founding Beauty Advisor


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