Mix Up Your Workout

I work in an environment where I walk all day.  And when I say walk, its about 10,000 steps a shift give or take.  The LAST thing I want to do is go walking after work but due to back issues, I have to be cautious with what I can and can’t do for exercise,.  After looking around I found a few things that I can do (some in moderation) and thought I would share them.       I need to spice up my exercise program and I think this will help.

  1.  Out door Recreation– Hiking, walking on the beach and maybe even golfing (I am not a golfer, but you might be) are some fun things that can upgrade a walk at night.  According to the American Council on Exercise, a 150 pound adult burns 136 calories on a 30 minute hike and 102 calories with 30 minutes of golf (with out the cart).  I am going to think that a walk on the beach would probably be about 100 calories depending on the sand and rocks.2012-08-18-Lions-Binkert-Hike-9870-MKH
  2. Zumba– If you enjoy dancing like I do, Zumba combines a bunch of different types of dance styles and gives you a great cardiac workout.  According to the American Council on Exercise, you can burn an average of 428 calories in a 45 minute class.zumba-love-11
  3. Yoga-Yoga is the union of mind and body and one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise in the world. It consists of patterns of stretches, balances, and strengthening movements focused with conscious breathing techniques. It helps to reduce, prevent and manage back pain (just what I need) along with improving balance, coordination, depression, your heart, sleep and sex.7-Steps-to-a-Life-Long-Yoga-Practice-Youll-Love


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